I Hope You Laugh

No doubt we are all familiar with the old adage “laughter is the best medicine.”  After 31 years of waking up next to my chosen one, I have also come to recognize laughter as one of the key ingredients for keeping the love flame burning.  In fact for me, I would say laughter is the oil in my lamp of love (corny I know.)

As Scott Peck provocatively stated in the first line of his New York Times Best Seller “The Road Less Traveled” …Life is difficult.  It only stands to reason that included under the stormy sky of life – lies the often tumultuous shifting sands of love.  Sometimes when the whole “relationship thing” feels like one big sink hole, the best thing you can do is literally laugh your butt off.

So, you ask, “am I just up shizola creek without a paddle” if my partner has the sense of humor of a tree stump?  I think not! Everyone has a funny bone, some people just have theirs buried under layers of other “not so adorable” personality traits. Get creative and go on a discovery mission. Your lover may not moon you in the middle of the day just to get you to laugh, but he may sit and laugh at a rerun of Seinfeld or an episode of Modern Family. The point is, I think in order to keep our love life vibrant, we need to find ways to laugh together — even if you have to sit and watch Airplane the Movie for the 25th time and feign laughter at “what’s your vector Victor?”

Comments welcome..funny preferred.

4 thoughts on “I Hope You Laugh

  1. Laura Neidich says:

    A day without laughter is like a dinner without wine, which makes me whine…..My spouse definitely keeps me laughing!

    • LuvYa.com says:

      So true!! and dinner without wine? Unthinkable. So, the song says “I Hope You Dance”…but not everyone is able to get up on their feet and shake a tail feather. But I’m pretty sure most of us can laugh, which is a wonderful thing. Thanks Laura for your insight…you made my laugh!

  2. Kara says:

    Laura you are adorable.

    I have to say though without laughter I know my relationship wouldn’t be the same.
    I think the points in the blog post were perfect but there are a lot of ingredients in that oil.

    First of all, my husband loves to make me laugh whether its funny voices or dancing around our house or impressions, he is always surprising me with something hilarious. But there’s more…HE LAUGHS AT MY AWFUL JOKES! To me that is huge! Sometimes I actually get a good joke in there but for him to giggle at even my super stupid jokes or bad puns means the world to me.
    True love is when your significant other or spouse loves you even when your silly or a total nerd. Being truly accepted and comfortable enough to make an ass out of yourself is definitely a key point to having a loving long lasting relationship. If you can laugh together even about something meaningless it makes all the difference.

    Also, I have found that couples that enjoy a tv show together stay together.
    My boss and his wife watch Parks & Rec. and Parenthood regularly, its their bonding time, time to laugh and relax and enjoy each other. My husband and I do the same thing. We talk politics then watch The Daily Show and Colbert Report and laugh hysterically. It gives you something to discuss while your cleaning the house, it sparks conversation, it keeps the fire burning. My advice is to find something you both like and make time to laugh and enjoy it together. Modern Family is great too :).

    I think that finding things that make you both laugh opens you up to even more exploration. You find topics, dreams, goals, etc., etc. You may not see eye to eye on these things but laughter does open the door for discussion and understanding and evolution.

    Laughter is some pretty powerful stuff.

    • LuvYa.com says:

      Love it! Yes..Laughter is some pretty powerful stuff, and finding those things in common you both find funny. . .icing on the relationship cake! Thanks Kara for your insight. Looking forward to more of your comments in the future.

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