Love, Romance and Horse Sense

My lovely friend Janet, who also happens to be my (much needed) editor for, shared this wonderful love essay with me. Fortunately, she is allowing me to share it with you – my beloved readers. I found it to be honest, uplifting, inspiring and heart-warming.  Enjoy!!

Romantic? Gestures

When I was young, romance was Fred Astaire dancing with Ginger Rogers or Roy Rogers riding alongside and singing to Dale Evans. It was moonlig207572_1896088275496_5939561_n[1]ht and stars, music and grand gestures by the boy. Once I was older and married, this mental image didn’t translate into my life of working and raising a child. Like many others I’m sure, I became frustrated that these kinds of things weren’t happening in my married life. Luckily, I realized that frustration borne of romantic images was no way to produce a long and happy marriage, and I started to look for actions that I could “translate” into romantic moves. His closing closet doors became high on my list of romantic offerings from my husband – and, because those “translations” were of my own creation, I found myself very satisfied, romantically–speaking. It became easier and easier to see romance in what might otherwise have been mundane daily activities.

Dog, Horse . .Husband

We are now closing in on 44 years of marriage. So what’s left to consider romantic after all this time? Depending on how you care to look at it, quite a lot. For the past nine years, we have lived on a small farm of our creation to provide a home for ourselves, t380211_3832591526867_843807401_n[1]wo horses and a dog. A lot of work (and money) goes into caring for just two horses: hay to buy and stack, stalls and pastures to keep clean, spur of the moment trips that cannot be taken. When you are the “horse person” and your husband is not, his major indulgences in your passion are so much more romantic than flowers or candlelit meals. It’s 365 days a year times nine years of accommodating your need to be the best horse “mom” there is. That translates into being third in line for dinner (first the dog and then the horses and then the husband) even though he’s the cook most nights. It means driving the horse trailer 90 miles each way to pick up a load of hay because the local hay just isn’t good enough for her horses. Instead of being able to get by with a little trinket for her birthday, it means spending five figures for a front-loading tractor that he won’t even get to drive much. And then, when she decides she wants to start a business selling the horse feed that she loves to ensure she can still have access to it, he supports her desire plus he gets out of bed every Monday morning to load 50-lb bags to take to the customers.

Off Into the Sunset . . .

Other women may sport jewelry or tell of romantic cruises with their men, but for me, there is nothing more romantic than his making my lifelong dream of having horses in my backyard a reality – and supporting that dream for nine years. Soon we will be embarking on a new chapter in our lives – I wonder what romance will look like then, for I’m sure it will continue to exist for us in our own unique way.


Janet, Her Beloved, and their First Grandchild

I think the SWEETEST is to come!!!

One thought on “Love, Romance and Horse Sense

  1. Laura Neidich says:

    Whatever works! The details of what makes a happy marriage work may vary, but the joys of being married a long time (33 years and counting) are undeniable!

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