Keys To Successful Relationships

What Is Your “Secret” to Keeping Love Alive?

It seems that self-help books such as “The Five Love Languages” and “Passionate Marriage: Keeping Love and Intimacy Alive in Committed Relationships,” have increased in popularity over the last decade as the divorce rate continues to rise. Couples are finding it more and more difficult to find reasons to stay together as opposed to calling it quits and seeking greener pastures.

Since I have this new forum with, I thought it would be interesting to ask all my readers to share their own personal “tips” or intimacy secrets that have helped them obtain and sustain a thriving relationship. I’ve also been posing the question to girlfriends who are in successful relationships.

Tracy, who just celebrated 27 years of marriage, says one of the things that has helped the most – especially when her children were younger and her husband was traveling 3 to 4 days a week – was the establishment of date night. Date night provided a focused time for them to reconnect in a boy/girl way, as opposed to all of their conversations being about kids and practical family management issues. Even though her kids are older now, she still loves date night because she is able to share her feelings about interesting things she experiences during the day, as well as get-in-touch with what her hubby has on his mind, which just breeds healthy communication.

Rachel, mother of four and happily married for 21 years, says she tells all her friends that her favorite tip is “keep the fighting clean…and the sex dirty” . . .!

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9 thoughts on “Keys To Successful Relationships

  1. MaryAnn says:

    One of my favorite quotes about marriage is, “If the grass is greener on the other side, you probably need to water your own lawn.” Each day we can do small things for our spouse (watering our lawn, so to speak) such as writing love notes or helping to fold laundry. I think it’s really important not to let life get in the way of making our spouse a top priority. I try to make a concious effort each day to do something nice for my husband, that I know he’ll enjoy. When I do this, I’m less likely to be admiring the grass on the other side, because l’m too busy with my own.

    • says:

      Love the quote MaryAnn, I had not ever heard it said that way before. I absolutely love the reminder to always make our spouse a top priority, so many times life, kids, bills, jobs..etc. get in the way and make us forget the reason we got married in the first place. Today, inspired by your post, I am going to find a fresh new way to water my own lawn.

  2. Laura Neidich says:

    I agree MaryAnn! Dick makes me coffee every morning, and keeps my anniversary vase filled with roses. And I make sure he has a full water bottle so he can stay hydrated and try to cook his favorite foods whenever I can….
    The little things add up!

  3. Michelle Wortner says:

    Great ideas and suggestions, Alison. Always study what WORKS! As a Marriage and Family Therapist, I find it interesting to see divisiveness amongst so many married couples. Perhaps the number one thing I suggest is for couples to understand that they are “playing on the same team”! So work together, support one another, make decisions for the common good, and have one another’s backs.

    • says:

      Thanks Michelle for your reminder. I love that tip because it is so simple…yet so easy to forget in the midst of of the storm that sometimes clouds our thinking.

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